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What do you want from your website?

The design of a website is largely determined by its purpose, which can vary from being a simple 'online business card' website to offer a minimal low-cost web presence, to a complex website with a shopping cart allowing customer to purchase products securely online. In between are what are perhaps the majority of websites, which offer the company's product or service information, plus contact details.

A properly designed website can:-

  • Substantially save printing, postage and packaging costs, by providing online brochures, manuals, and instruction books that customers can view on their own computers, and print if needed.

  • Increase your staff productivity by answering many routine phone queries, both for sales and service enquiries, with an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page

  • Increase sales prospects even when your office is closed

Most businesses expect a website to generate enough new business to at least pay for itself, and preferably to generate additional profit. If this is your aim, possibly the single most important factor in the website design is whether it gets listed near the top of web search results in search engines - especially Google.

Aston Wilson has long experience in optimising websites to achieve good results in Google - our own Yachtsnet website consistently comes high in the list of results for searches for "yachts for sale" - above many other sites.

Whilst the visual effect of a website is important to reflect your business image, it is also vitally important that the website is easy to read and navigate, has enough relevant content, has a good domain name (URL) and is hosted on a fast, reliable server.

We believe:-

  • That it is important that a serious business website has its own URL or domain name and uses its own email addresses. The domain name should be properly registered to your own business, and not to someone else who then 'sub-lets' it to you. The exact choice of domain name also has subtle but significant implications for the future success of the website - and we can advise on this as part of our service.

  • That it is important that the website be hosted on a fast, reliable server. The best way of doing this is to use one of the larger web hosting companies, and we will advise on which 'web hosting package' is going to be appropriate for your needs.

  • That setting up a website is not a once-and-for-all operation. To be effective, a website has to be updated regularly. We offer the client the options of user training to self-manage sites, or having Aston Wilson carry out the ongoing site updating and maintenance as and when required.

Photographic services from Aston Wilson web design

Aston Wilson can also offer a professional photographic service to create images for your website, as well as creating the graphic designs needed for your web pages.

Our graphic designs are used both for websites and for print purposes - if we create a website for you and the task includes developing a new logo or house style, we can also provide you with matching styled graphics for letterheads, business cards, product brochures, etc.

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