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For most businesses wanting to create or update a website, the single most important factor is usability by the target audience. The overall appearance and design of the website is vital, but if your potential customers or clients cannot find the website, and then find what they want on it, then the effort and expense of creating it is wasted.

The Aston Wilson approach to web design is business-focused, and concentrates on giving our clients the web site that best suits their particular needs. To achieve this we listen very carefully to what our clients tell us they require. We encourage lots of client input and check frequently that we are in tune with their wishes.

Photography and graphic design

Aston Wilson differs from many web design agencies in that we can also offer professional photographic as well as graphic design services. We can photograph your premises, factory, personnel, or products as part of your website design, and assist you with creating or updating your business and advertising graphics.

Photographic work includes property and yacht interior and exterior photography, panoramic photography, photography of valuables for insurance purposes and packshot photography for product sales.

Our graphic designs are used both for websites and for print purposes - if we create a website for you and the task includes developing a new logo or house style, we can also provide you with matching styled graphics for letterheads, business cards, etc.

Temporary websites for sales purposes

More and more private house sellers are choosing to advertise their property themselves through websites such as Houseweb which offer the ability to link to your own web page for more detail. We can quickly create such a website or web page for you, with high quality photographs of your property, including the professional photography of your property, within our area of operation, which is south and south-west Cornwall.

Although it is tempting just to set up a website temporarily to sell a specific high-value property, be it a business, house, car or boat, the fact that Google is so pre-eminent in web searches means that it is often better to link the new website into sites that already have good Google results. Whilst we can create a website that will get good ranking on Google, to get that ranking takes either time (Google likes long-established sites), or money in Google Adwords expenditure.

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